Laura is a multipotentialite: communication specialist, experienced Design Thinking lecturer, Dyad Meditation facilitator, volunteering Death Doula, and certified Naturopath for Psychotherapy. She brings these skills together as an intuition coach, encouraging transformation and innovation in individuals and organizations, and accompanying them on their exploration of truth.

In the last decade, Laura has served as a consultant, PR manager, and entrepreneur, across the fields of Corporate Communications, Brand and Strategy Consultancy, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources in both Switzerland and Germany. She specializes in crafting successful communication strategies and campaigns for corporations, startups, and nonprofits. She has won numerous prizes for her communication concepts, advertising campaigns and social engagement, including “Deutschland, Land der Ideen.”

As a Design Thinking lecturer, Laura guides students and professionals on a human-centered design journey that enhances their creativity and fosters business innovation.

Laura continues to explore the intersection of intuition, transformation and innovation. Her 7 year journey through mindfulness practices such as Vipassana, Metta and Dyad Meditation, Nonviolent Communication, and Intuitive Readings have lead her to coach individuals and organizations. By creating safe spaces for self-discovery of purpose, inner guidance and human connections, Laura encourages others to live and work truthfully. She offers her professional experience and communication skills to her clients in German and English.

Laura is an alumna of the University of Leipzig (Bachelor of Arts in PR and Communication Management, Sociology and French Studies), École Normale Supérieure, Paris and the School of Design Thinking in Potsdam.

In her spare time, Laura volunteers at a hospice, working to bring respect and peace to dying individuals and their loved ones.

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